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Generate complex, strong, and secure passwords to keep your accounts safe, and your password unpredictable

Password Quality:

Generate strong passwords with hashword.net’s password generator that offers a variety of complexity levels and length options. Generate random passwords of your desired length and choose what type of characters to include. Copy the password directly to your clipboard with the click of a button.

How strong passwords protect your accounts

Having a strong password makes sure that your password is not predictable and cannot be hacked by others. With advancement in technology, automated tools can crack simple passwords in milliseconds. The stronger a password, the less likely is your account to get hacked.

The following complexity characteristics should be considered when creating a new password:

  • Length
    The length of a password determines how secure it is. The longer the password, the more number of combinations it can make when someone is guessing it. Therefore, takes AI longer time to crack longer passwords.
  • Types of characters
    The more types of characters your password has, the more number of combinations can be made, making it difficult to guess. Small and capital alphabets, and inclusion of numbers, special characters, repeated characters, etc. make it difficult for an attacker to crack your password.
  • Uniqueness
    Unique passwords are secure passwords. Using repeated passwords across multiple accounts makes them all vulnerable – all are hacked if the password from either one of the accounts is compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What qualifies as a strong password?

There is no definition of a “strong password”. However, the more secure a password, the better. It should have at least 12 and a combination of capital alphabets, small alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Additional types of characters, such as confusing characters that look alike or punctuation characters would be a plus.

Why use a password generator?

The average human brain stresses itself while thinking of a combination of characters. Most people are not creative when it comes to creating new, complex passwords. They usually opt for passwords that they can remember, like birthdays, or the names of their pets, but those can be easily guessed, or phished, by a hacker.

Therefore, opting to use a password generator is a better way to go. It saves time in coming up with a password generator, and you can configure your level of complexity for the password, including its length and the character types to include.

Should I have unique passwords for all accounts?

Having unique passwords across all accounts further tightens your security. In the case of an unfortunate breach, having a unique password would make sure that the attacker cannot simply use the same password, which they have already cracked, on other accounts across different websites and platforms.

To breach those, they would need to perform the password-cracking technique from scratch again. Therefore, you mustn’t reuse the same password across multiple accounts.

Does hashword.net store my passwords?

Hashword.net is a secure password management website. Our password generator works independently of the backend server since it uses JavaScript. JavaScript is executed in your browser and has no additional communication with the Hashword server when you generate passwords.

This would explain that we cannot save the passwords that you generate or copy to your clipboard even if we wanted to.

Can this password generator be hacked?

All online websites and applications are prone to being compromised; even this password generator. However, Hasword.net has deployed the best practices in the market to ensure that their systems are safe and less likely to fall victim to online threats.