Check Common Password

Check if your password is as unique as you think it is, or is being used by others across the web
Check Common Password

How strong passwords protect your accounts

A password is only secure if it is unique. A commonly used password is can be easily cracked through Brute Force attacks, or even from the hit-and-trial method.

Hashword’s common password check checks from a database collection of most common passwords used across the world and tells you whether the password you entered is one of them.

If you find that your password is commonly used, change your password immediately before your become a victim of a Password Attack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Brute Force attack?

The objective of a brute force attack is to gain unauthorized access into a user account to further perform malicious activities, such as stealing valuable information, benefit by placing malicious ads on websites, rerouting legitimate web traffic from legitimate websites to malicious ones, and such.

In a brute force attack, an attacker uses the hit-and-trial method to guess and crack a password, encryption keys, or any login credentials, including the usernames. Since there are many combinations for an attacker to try out, alongside any number of usernames, brute force attacks are usually aided with additional computing power and specialized tools, like John the Ripper, that help the attackers try out millions of combinations in a matter of seconds.

There are different types of Brute Force attacks, but they all have the same purpose.

How Hashword maintain a list of common passwords?

Hashword maintains a list inside a database of thousands of the most common passwords used around the world. They are collected from reputed services who work round the clock collecting previously exposed passwords from data breaches.

Why is password security important?

Unauthorized access is never a good thing. Having weak passwords is like inviting the attacker to break into your account and steal information. Once illegitimate access has been gained, they can further exploit the information within, such as your Personal Identification Information (PII), and then use it in other means.

Or, in another example, an attacker gaining access to your computer account within an organization will grant them access to the entire network.

Therefore, password security is important. It is not only limited to the characteristics of the password or its length, but also how you store it. Writing down passwords is never a good choice, since they can be easily accessed by unauthorized individuals.