Password Card Generator

Encrypt your passwords with your own customizations with a password card

Now no one can guess your password even if you write it down. Password cards are encryption and decryption methods that encode your password into something else. You can use the row and column labels to identify what your actual password is.

Since a new password card can be easily generated with’s generator, everyone can have a unique encrypted password for individual accounts.

How to use the password card generator

To begin, you must generate a password card. Simply click “Generate” to create a new password card. You can also use your own complex symbols which will be scattered around in the password card.

When a password card shows up that is up to your standards, take a screenshot of the card or click “Print card” and take a printout of the password card.

Once the card is saved/printed, make sure that it is in a secure place and only accessible to you.

Now, you may note down or write the encrypted version of your password using the row and column headers. For example, if your password is in the boxes that coincide with 8 (row) and DEF (column), you can write down 8DEF. When you want to know your complex password, simply look at the password card and decode it.

Note that this was just an example; having 3-character long passwords is never recommended nor implied. You can use a series of encoded row and column headers to encrypt your passwords, and never forget them again with the use of your special password card.