Generate Memorable Password

Generate passwords that you can remember but are difficult to guess’s memorable password generator combines a set of random words and makes a combination that is easier for you to remember, especially in places where using password managers to autofill complex passwords isn’t an option.

Why use memorable passwords?

Memorable passwords only include words based on alphabets, and are without special characters, numbers, etc., except for the exception of the words being separated by a hyphen. Remembering complex passwords that are 12 (or more) characters long and include brackets and whatnot are difficult to memorize. On public devices, like a PC in the library, you will not have a password manager on the device that will autofill the password for you. Instead, you can use memorable passwords and type them in directly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are memorable passwords safe?

There is still debate whether a password should be memorable or not. To make a password memorable, it usually lacks the advanced security measures, such as the inclusion of special characters. This reduces the number of combinations that can be made to guess the password. Therefore, in a sense, the password is less secure.

That said, the memorable passwords generated by are a combination of random words that do not make sense when said together. Meaning that these aren’t phrases. Therefore, the possibility of someone cracking your memorable password increases significantly.